Meet The Judges

Daphne Wong

Daphne is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, committed to telling stories of the wonders of the natural world.  She is currently working on a new RTHK series about Hong Kong's biodiversity.  Her film 'Breathing Room' features the endangered Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong.  She interviewed researchers, conservation groups, fishermen and others, lending a voice to the Chinese White Dolphins who are facing multiple threats from human activities. 'Breathing Room' was awarded the Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival and nominated for a Special Jury: Foreign Language Honor in the 2019 Jackson Wild Media Awards.

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Ben Harris

Ben is a wildlife cameraman based in Bristol in the UK. After graduating with a BSc in zoology and MSc in Science Communication he jumped straight into freelancing in the Bristol wildlife filmmaking industry, working across 4 continents in his first year for clients like the BBC an Disneynature.

Patrick Aryee

Patrick is a biologist and wildlife content creator who loves a close animal encounter. Whether he’s inches away from the jaws of a lion, or free-diving with whales in the open ocean, nothing’s off limits for this intrepid explorer. Over the years he's travelled across the globe to film the most spectacular animals on the planet. From Mongolia to Montana, South Wales to South Africa, he's been all over the gaff. Patrick is passionate about transporting viewers to the far reaches of the world and using cinematography to share the inspiration of conservation success stories.

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Jamie McPherson

Jamie a wildlife documentary cameraman, DoP and producer. Over the past 22 years he has worked on many landmark series and films for Netflix, Disneynature and the BBC. He has won multiple BAFTAs and EMMYs for cinematography. He specialises in tracking vehicle work – using gimbals mounted on vehicles to film behaviour and create sequences with style and movement.

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