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George McGavin

Join Zoologist, entomologist and broadcaster George McGavin on his search for three spiders we share our homes with.  

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Stephen Moss

If you fancy getting started with a bird feeder in your garden or just want to know what would work best in your current feeder then here is a quick guide.

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Lara Jackson

If you are lucky enough to have been in your garden, taking photos and making films during this period of isolation. Then you may be wondering about ways that you can increase the biodiversity for the years to come. To give yourself some more subjects close to home in the future or, simply to do your bit.

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Yussef Rafik

Yussef is a zoologist, wildlife presenter and the host of BBC earth kid's Bugface.


Recently, he made us these short videos to tell you all about a particular type of bee that visits most British gardens. As well as how to build a home for them and other invertebrates.


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Joel Ashton


Fancy encouraging more wildlife and subjects for the Isolation Wildlife Photography Awards 2020, then look no further than this simple piece of advice from wildlife garden designer and installer, Joel Ashton

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Pete Cooper

We may think we know all there is to know in our gardens, but did you know that the UK is home to an extraordinarily large and beautiful species of beetle. Naturalist Pete Cooper has some more info.


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Hannah Pollock

A lot of you may be looking for ways to fill your time during lockdown. One of the most satisfying is to build yourself a garden pond and watch as it slowly fills with life.


Conservationist and Researcher Hannah Pollock has put together a short video to show you how easy it can be.

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Madison Bowden-Parry

Behavioural ecologist Madison Bowden-Parry shows us why bird baths are important for a familiar garden bird, and how to make one for your garden.

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Sophie Pierce


There are plenty of things we could expect to find in our gardens or homes and it's often the ones we regularly overlook that hold the most interest.


Conservationist and Wildlife TV Researcher Sophie Pierce has one such example.

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Nick Gates 


Did you know that the only flying mammals may well be living in your garden, or even in your home.


If you want to know more and how to look after these unique creatures, Naturalist Nick Gates just the thing for you.

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Emily Cooper


Bumblebees are brilliant photography subjects, they are colourful, cute and actually vital to our ecosystems.


If you fancy doing your bit with your wild space to help encourage and look after them, Emily Cooper has some top tips to help you do just that.

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Christina Sinclair


This period of isolation is causing a lot of us to focus our energy on other things and with that, discover new things as well.


That is exactly what happened when Marine Biologist Christina Sinclair had to spend time in her garden, rather than in the oceans she is so used to studying.

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