Isolation Wildlife Photography Awards

IWPA 2020 Winners

IWPA 2020
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Due to the current isolation rules that have been implemented due to Covid-19, photographers around the world find themselves house bound. It’s important not to be disheartened during this time and instead get creative by interacting with the wildlife that can be found on your doorstep. 

So pick up your camera and wow us with your amazing photography, taken in either your home or garden. From houseplants to houseflies, garden birds to buzzing bees, the possibilities are literally endless. Telephoto or macro, it doesn’t matter your lens, with a little creative thought, your next great photo is right under your nose.

Your homes and gardens are teeming with animals of all shapes, sizes and colours. Now is the time to concentrate on the wildlife you might normally take for granted.

This is also a chance for your work to be viewed by some pretty cool judges.

Please note this is a competition that has been setup to encourage you to keep shooting. It has been put together with the donation of time from the organisers and as such there are no prizes but we do hope this will not discourage you from entering.

Please note if you have not heard from us by the 20th of June 2020, sadly your entry has not been successful in reaching the next round. 


Many thanks for taking part in the competition and we hope the IWPA 2020 gave you something productive to do with your time during lockdown and you enjoyed engaging with nature on your doorstep.

Meet The Judges


Matt Gould

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Wildlife Photographer and Content Creator

Sam Rowley

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Wildlife Photographer and BBC Researcher

Richard Peters

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Wildlife Photographer and Nikon Ambassador

Megan McCubbin

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Wildlife Photographer, Zoologist and Wildlife Presenter


Daphne Wong

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Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker

Ben Harris

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Wildlife and Adventure Filmmaker

Patrick Aryee

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Wildlife TV Presenter, Biologist and Content Creator

Jamie McPherson

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Wildlife Documentary Cameraman

Closing date for entries is the 8th of June 2020 at 12pm (midnight)