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Terms and Conditions of Entry

Checklist for initial entry:

  • Entrants may only submit one image per category.

  • Images must be 2mb or less in file size.

  • Image file names must be renamed following criteria as seen in section below.

  • Images must be JPG format

  • Images must have a caption

File Naming

To make image management and our lives that little bit easier, please name files by the following criteria, separated with underscores (_)


For example: A1_Joe_Blogs_Robin1

Please note that images submitted that do not follow the rules of correct file naming guidelines will not be accepted. 


Eligibility for photography and short film 

  1. All shots must be taken with the entrant, camera and subject in the home or garden of entrants. 

  2. Shots taken with live bait, trained, captive or caged animals are not permitted. 

  3. Domestic pets and farm animals are not eligible  for entry.

  4. The subject/ animal must be in your home or garden. 

  5. Images taken on daily exercise walks or out of the garden are not permitted for entry. 

  6. Use of drones is not permitted.

  7. We do not class sheds as being in the home 



  1. Entrants may only submit one image per category.                                                                                                            (Please note that if entrants submit more than 1 image per category we will only accept the first submission.)

  2. Images must be taken on or after the isolation rules were implemented in the UK therefore must be taken on or after the 23rd of March 2020, image metadata may be checked.

  3. No single image may be entered into more than one category.

  4. Black and white images can only be entered into the Black and White Category. 

  5. All low-resolution images, apart from those short-listed, will be destroyed after the close of the competition.

  6. All images must be submitted digitally.

  7. Although we are a British based competition, we understand that Covid-19 is a global issue, so we don’t want to limit other countries from participating. To ensure that all participants are subject to the same restrictions, we would ask that entries are created in the given time period and that social distancing guidelines were in place.


PLEASE NOTE: The Closing date for entries is the 8th of June 2020 at 12pm (midnight)


A1 - Wildlife in the Home

A2 - Wildlife in the Garden

A3 - Black and White

A4 - Under 12's 

Digital Adjustments 

Image adjustments permitted:

  • Minor cleaning to remove sensor and dust spots.

  • Digital adjustments including cropping, contrast, burning, levels, white balance, curves, saturation, sharpening, colour, noise, shadows and highlights.

  • Conversion to black and white.

  • HDR, focus stacking and multiple exposures (these must be stated in the caption. 

  • Removal of lens distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration.

Image adjustments not permitted:

  • Physical changes to the images scene e.g removing or adding objects, animals, plants, people, removing sky from other images. 

  • Please note we will not accept images with watermarks, borders or signatures. 

Short Film Entries

We want to see the best sequences, stories or even mini documentaries that you can create in your home or garden!

Your short wildlife film entry should meet all of the technical criteria below:

- It should be no longer than three minutes in length.

- They should be in HD format.(720p and 1080p, 24/25/30/60fps)- The file types accepted are  .mov, .mp4

   or .avi

- It should use on of the following codecs – H.264, mp4, mpeg4

- You have permission to use any music, sound or narration

In the submission please include: The entry, your name, your email and the title of the short film 

The Judging process

Our judges will choose images based on originality, creativity and technical skill. 

  - A shortlist will be emailed shortly after the competition closes.

  - Entrants will then have 10 days to submit their high resolution and RAW files to us via Wetransfer.

  - The judges will then select the Overall Winner, Category Winners and Runners Up from this


  - IWPA 2020 cannot be held responsible for emails that do not arrive due to the entrant’s email

     security settings

  - Entrants whose images are shortlisted, will be asked to supply an extended caption and in some

    cases other information. 

 - Shortlisted images may be asked for proof of authenticity in the form of an additional photo showing

   where the image was taken.

 - Please note if you have not heard from us by the 20th of June 2020, sadly your entry has not been 

   successful in reaching the next round. 


   Many thanks for taking part in the competition and we hope the IWPA 2020 gave you something     

   productive to do with your time during lockdown and you enjoyed engaging with nature on your 


 - All winners and runners up will be notified by email.

 - A list of the winners will be published on the IWPA2020 website.


Copyright and permissions

By submitting images to the IWPA2020, each entrant confirms that:

     - They are the sole owner of each image and that it is their original work. 

     - They own the copyright and any other intellectual property rights of each image.

     - By entering the competition, you grant IWPA 2020 an irrevocable licence to share images for 

       any purpose directly linked to the competition. i.e social media

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